Transmigration to Academic Environment
by :
Della PutriApriliana

Before the dawn of time nasyid sounded from the mosque and other mosque spliced shouted to each other. Beautiful to hear. No day without a nasyid, not just the dawn prayer, praying five times was always preceded nasyid followed adzan who shouted to each other. Signs of time to carry out prayers, especially Muslims.
Culturisation Islam is so thick, that the atmosphere of life in Pare, Kediri. Islam can not be separated from the culture thick, Pare on villages in the academic environment, a wide range of courses in English and Arabic that is best known as the KampoenkInggris.
Dealing directly with the academic environment make me a little insecured and challenged. Because there is a direct easily to adapt with environment that has been known to be an International language (Inggris).First set foot in Pare, makes me a little worried. Because I was told by the bus crew that every transaction with the seller must be in English. But after I interacted, it turns out this is not true. I could use the Indonesian language except English Camp obliging. Enactment shall speak English in order to get used to using the language.
Interact and dealing directly with the new environment surely happen can not be avoided. Start from new friends, new teacher, adapt with the food, new parents, and friends one room in bedroom, the start yet familiar. Not lagging behind new regulations must be obeyed. Everything taught me to care abaout, many interact, how the meaning patience, sincerity, and how unites feeling with friends, known or not currently known. So, the life sciences that took place according to rules of God tidy.
Life begins, originally came from ordinary environment must be transmigration to academic environment. Like someone who wants to get job somewhere. Like me moved to gain knowledge. Arriving in camp, I choose bedroom and put the bag in the room. My courses program in Global English, famous place courses in Pare. Before the west pray choose a program that is an option.
This is the moment awaited, choosen program according the needs at once heading transmigration to KampoenkInggris. Success or failure to gain knowledge in Pare determined by applying in real life day. Because no matter how the knowledge gained required to be submitted and implemented.
The next day, begin science quest armed with knowledge that has been previously owned. Continue to courses, but did not know the place. Bicycle transportation mainstay the people to get knowledge, but not a little on foot. Arrived in the courses, activity “No Love Before Meeting” always do it. Because the activity that will establish a sense of emphaty for others and certainly adds to the network. Different corners from Indonesia transmigration in Pare for to gain knowledge. As Padang, Aceh, Bima, Lampung, Manado, Makassar, Jakarta and other city in Indonesia.
From there I can learn from friends that I knew. Courses are taught to interact in place, the method calculating one effective way. In this way it is involved in a interaction with friends not known. As in class Speaking and Vocabulary learning conceptualized learning outdoors also use the method calculation. In speaking faced with a problem where the theme given sudden, and then obliged to answer as our opinion. It trains to express the idea at once using English language in which it would be difficult to do if you do not have enough vocabulary, as well as problems that must be solved.
Nevertheless, it has become a challenge that must continue to hit. Not only taught to express an opinion, the debate was also going into class speaking. We know the debate must defend each other’s opinions. Unconsciously we have issued a lot of vocabulary that previously we never know. Likewise dare not speak English, although it is still very much an error in the wording. But least have the courage to speak up and speak the International language (English).
Vocabulary different class whose content translates text from English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English. This class helps to increase vocabulary is also the understanding the text, we will never know what the contents of the text merely translate. So understanding is very necessary plus it should remember the vocabulary acquired. That is where we should serious studying. Because not everyone has to learn English language, especially Kampoenk Inggris Pare, Kediri.
That trip transmigration to academic environment, which give a lot experience, about the life science. Environment surrounded by the courses also an environment that did not eliminate culturisationislam so thick, it strongly supports and complements to each other. And there Pare is often called Kampoeng Inggris, Kediri.
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