How to Say “Ayo Golek Maem”?

A piece of story in Pare

Wednesday, 9 August 2016, I arrived in Pare. I felt something that was different. Very crowded. Many people passed in the narrow alley. There were motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian. The teenager bring big suitcases and searching camp or kos. It was different with other village, “Kampung Inggris Pare” has many building completed with institute courses. In front of the building there is name the program which offered there was speaking, listening, grammar, TOEFL and IELTS.


 “Where are you from?” Miss Firda asked. She was one of the tutor from Global English (GE).  Mojority of member could answered, because did not known the meaning of question.

“What is your motivation to learn English in Pare?” the second question of tutor in each group.

At that time the student confused to think the right answer in English.

“I want to fluent speak english,” said the one of students.

Placement test has the function to purpose for entering us in the right program. We have a freedom to choose the program in any level. However, it could be better if  the program is adapted with ability and needed.

Until 22.00 O’clock

The second day in Pare, we started to adapt with the new environment. In Every camp there was the tutor who accompany. They had any policy and each agreement. Many things were discussed. The picket schedule also recited. We are dumbfounded when required to speak English which started on 04.00-22.00 WIB. The rule be in effected after meeting, around 20.00 WIB.

In night the atmosphere of the camp became strange. We started program Speak English with speak haltingly. In the pause of every word always followed by laughter because we not familiar about word. Moreover, my friend in my room who usually choosey became reserved in that night.  We would get punishment if betray the rule.  500 rupiah for every word, when we forgot speak Indonesia language. Fortunately we were given opportunity for speak Indonesia with use “how to say”. We can add “how to say before the word which did not know the word in English. Nevertheless, that was only allowed for one word.

The opportunity was abused by the campesinos. Many student did not be patient  to stringing English word. Eventually  they use how to say “jangan”, how to say “lama-lama”, how to say “di”, how to say “kamar”, how to say “mandi”. Even more I heard someone say, “how to say: ayo golek maem”. However, this strategy become difficult, when the tutor came. She must warn us to pay the punishment.

Like new year’s eve, we count down the seconds toward until 22.00 o’clock. At 22.00 o’clock all student shouted, the atmosphere of camp come back to bustling with laughter. We have felt it so hard to speak English despite just for two hours. We must enjoy it and study hard for one monts ahead.

The Confidence in  BSK

The sun was stiil warm. At 08.30 A.M we had finished the first class. It was vocabulary 1 class with Mr. Fajrin in a place named Female 2. I am ready to following the next class “Pre speaking”. The distance is not far, so I did not use my bicycle. Around three minute I have arrived in BSK 1 to study with Ms Evi.

I did’t know the continuation of BSK. I tried to ask my tutor but she didn’t know about it. The place like a modern Joglo house with ceramic floor. It has large pendopo with fish pond in the front. Pendopo is used for three class. And we study in there every day. It not has bulkhead so we can see and hear lesson from other class.

We sat, making a circle with Ms. Evi and a white board on the front. Not use table and base. There was 18 people in our class which only consist of two man. They are Bagas and Andri who original from Bangka Belitung. Almost all the female course participant in my class from IAIN Surakarta except one person named Ratu.

“ How is cooking?” said Ms. Evi with her spirit



“Not To bad” each student replying with different answer.

Miss Evi is  the one tutor who come from Jogja. She has already undergraduated

“Today our lesson is about phone conversation” Miss Evi was explaining  the main topic at that day.

Before we made a conversation, we learned how to pronounce the phone number. In our mind it was very easy. However, when we tried it, it was difficult. We must remembered and wrote friend’s number, because Miss Evi will ask us to repeat it. We wrote the usual words which was commonly used to make a  conversation in the phone and repeated after Ms. Evi speak. We also repeat the conversation in the module. Almost in each of the class we get some modul. The modul is contain a little description and some example about the topic,  also the exercise.

After that, were counted one to nine to make a group. The groups are consist of two people. There are group which consist of all women and the last of two group man with women.

“Buat sekreatif mungkin dan yang penting PD” said Miss Evi.

We began making the conversation. We tried to practice our partner. I face to face with my Dinar. I pretended to borrow Dinar’s book by phone. The course was ends and Miss Evi call a group randomly.

“Pramsti Hotel, can I help you?” said student  from each group.

“Yes, may I ask if there any room for me” said her partner.

Evidently, the custom about say “How to Say” not only applied when we speak in the camp but also it became a habit. When in the class we still say that.

“How to say…. Miss?” asking one of the student when she practiced the conversation in front of the class. Miss Evi was not angry, and answer the question. The conversation  was  continued.

Miss evi called the group which consist of man and women. But the man said “Yang lain dulu aja nanti baru aku”. However, Miss Evi still ask them come forward. The man spoke haltingly. He was not memorized about his conversation. Miss Evi asked them to repeat again after other group. He seemed lazy when following the class in each meeting. He was always prestige and become awkward when Miss Evi asked for going forward. Eventhough in Pare, we did not know what happened, who our friend in the class. We met many new friends and got new experience with them.

Miss Evi ever said that in there she did not judgieng from the correct grammar as using or collocation when speaking English. The one as important is we wanted to learn and be confidence.

Finally, learning is over, but I did not know where the man. He had gone before said the last jargon “Yes we Can”.

Finding Chelsea

 “Did you know where chelsea?” I asked to my friend.

“Behind the Global English Office” she said.

Chelsea has became the name of place where I started the second programs. Two weeks have passed. We chose three programs with new tutors. We might pursue the former program or take the new one ano. I chose the program namely “grammar for writing” as the continous program of the 1st grammar.

One o’clok I went from the camp out by my bicycle to join the program in Chelsea. There were eight classes, besides mine, with putting name on it based on famous football team, such us Barcelona, Milan, and Madrid. My classroom consisted of  a small table, speaker, and faan. It was more better and like an official class.

A few minutes later, someone came with short body and using glasses. Suddenly, he write the name and phone number in the white board. Over there write “Mr. Gud / Bagus” after that he started to explain.

“Apa ada yang kesasar di kelas ini?” he asked.

“Hehe…” we only reply with small laugh and confused.

The tutor seems very understand with the psychologycal of the class and student. The first day is “kesasar day”. There is someone lost about where the class and who the tutor. Sometimes they are still sit in the wrong class. We have three opportunity to change our class and program when we not feel suitable.

“Grammar for writing very important to make report and speaking” said the tutor.

Grammar for writing never created if there is no mistake when we do write.

At the end, if the grammar is good not be sure in writing it can be good too. So, we need to corelate both of them.

In the last minute, the tutor gave us the pretest to translate the sentence from Indonesia to English and from thirteen members just two members have correct answer. From this case I learn if there is no stopping to learn. The knowledge is very much and I realize that I must continue my study.


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