Kampung Inggris

Knowladge and Experience: From village to Village

My name is Ayu Irmasari Raharjanti, Bidikmisi’s student in the IAIN Surakarta. My major is Syariah banking. People said my college in the village, far from city. A reason because my collage not near from highway, but I believe distance not determinant to be success. Now Bidikmisi 2015 have schedule to improve their skill language, we are go to Tulungrejo, Pare, Kediri.
We know Yogyakarta is famous city, which also called student city. Tell about knowledge, that staple food for knowledge seeker. Not much different with student city, in East Java. English Village, There are many people want to laerning English. Average the student has a graduate from senior high school and university student. If want to laerning, there have not conditional for age. The knowledge seeker have a many purpose, such as spend the holiday, add to experience, preparing for TOEFL or EILTS and improve skill the language. In fact, Pare is not village but the developing city. Developed a variety course, like in Brawijaya street, we caan know institutes course.
Knowledge programs. We arrived in English Village approximately time to evening pray, and the first agenda is choosing the program for two week. I got tree programs, there is Speaking 1, Vocabulary 1 and Grammar 1. The first met up, we have introduced our self, teacher and the programs. In Speaking 1, I have schedule enter the class at 07.00 a.m in river side. My teacher’s name is Santi, She is from Bandung, who already in English Village on nine weeks ago.
The trick to learning was left out nervous for student to speaking in front of people. Everyday during ten meetings, we have to speaking with the as long as topic. That make us looked blank and quick thinking. The topic such as unforgetable moment, embrrassing moment, favorite place, about independen’s day, and other.
First topic is unforgetable moment, which make me must imajination during ten minute. Many story to telling from my friend. She is Miss Kasa, Miss Kasa always take it peronaly each tell. My unforgetable moment, when i try to ride motorcycle until fall from it. Topic about our experiece make we laughter. Second, embrrasing moment which the favorite topic. On account of the fact that we can give all expression to tell about the story. My story about my experience in the Tanah Lot Bali, there I shy with boy. In that, I think he is Foreigner but he is Javanese, from Solo.
Next to tell about favorite place, many kind place to make we enjoyed and relaxed. Such as Beach, under tree, bathroom, mountain, and other. The last topic to celebrate indpenden’s day, telling about anything which concerning game on independen’s day and the hero. That topic become for closing program Speaking 1.
Vocabulary’s program, where the first program we can add to the vocabulary of English language. Word was taught starting from the words not only daily life but also the complex words. The example, word of days, times, weathers, jobs, directions, and other. In fact, we are working in front of class used word which already taught. If complex word most has taught in vocabulary 2.
Kampung Inggris
Gyroscopic to be better writing is Grammar, where we know the true stucture of our write. Grammar have levels to dispart skill for repairing text or work, such as grammar 1, grammar 2, grammar for writing and grammar for speaking. First, grammar 1 is learning the bacis knowledge to write. Teaching about sentence, phrase, clause, mix of tense, and tense. After we learned about that, we must answer question from teacher to in front of class and writing in white board.
Next program to continue grammar 1, go to grammar 2. There are we can teach deep about using tense in the writing, which formulas from teach can make us easy to memorizing. Other than not only learned tense but also passive voice, that have difficult level to people. Furher to learning grammar for focusing writing or speaking, we can choose one of both. Grammar for writing is program to learning about stucture of writing and truth formula’s write, which pressing tense, tobe + word and other rule. Everyday which on Monday until Saturday for try write, we do not worry, since false accompany truth. Whereas for grammar for speaking which rule true spoken, because grammar is used to write and speak was different.
Experience for learning
A experience which people doing the new matter, it have many kinds to gave moral value for life. Inter-alia are experience know new people, more characteristic, different job and major, etc. there are many course, get point in Global English where is famous in domestic and foreign countries. In fact, the student are Makasarese, Sundanese, Madurese, Javanese, and from Celebes, Borneo, Java and Sumatra. Foreign countries from Thailand where student is women, muslim and wearing veil.
Experience benefit for us who can using it for confronting problem or situation in anywhere. Suddenly when we met up foreigner from Indonesia or foregin countries, we can easy to pick acquaintance with them. Mr. Agus who is manager from Global English said which on farewell party last night, “In here, you can learn not only common science but also life science”. Because there are many old people is hard working who became man to ride tricycle in the corner street. Whereas more women worked in house and sel the food, or just open store to requirement. There is have one of many favorite place to buy food that is Wakapo, service friendly and self service. And than the food price affordable for students.
Getting the new experience is usually we learn in the class with who know and same age, the teacher in school have honorary degree but the teacher in class’s Global English is young teaching. Such as who last graduate from university or approximately have 21 until 30 age. So when for learning, we can tell all of felling with him since still youth. For example, Ms. Karina from Nganjuk, she can make us understand with the leasson which Grammar for writing, writing 1 and writing 2. There we try to sharing which experience about knowledge or problems in life, because there are many people more old than me, so we can compare information easy.
In conclusion, everyone have knwoledge and experince in anywhere and anywhen. A seeker can not look buliding on age, nature, languange, characteristic, and other different factor. Which make us have know each other and share information for experience. So if you want study in out your countries or city, do not afraid to try and know many people.
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