Yakin dan terus belajar

English village have story learning (Village Pare)

English village is a small town of populer with english language it. English village in Pare village, Kediri city have more stories. I am in there as long as one month. In there I get many knowledge and experience. Pare have story own in my memories. Many people from various village in Indonesia moreover also from foreign. They come to Pare so that, they can fluent in speak english.
I am course at lembaga, the name is GE (Global English). He have many teachers. The teachers is still youth. In there have many program courses. The place is between one with other place very far. So, I and friends rent a cycle. I am every leave the program climb cycle. And those is, I done everyday while in Pare. It make me happy.
It does Almost every people study in there. And they have individual of story. A part the big people study english language because they look forward continue study mastergraduate in the foreign. It is like my teacher.
The name is Ms. Havi. She was graduated from Diponegoro Univercity, Semarang. She have accepted to study in Belanda. It is a happiness by she. And I very grateful of Allah SWT. Because l have given opportunity to study in there. Next I want to give story about my experient study in there.
Yakin dan terus belajar
Belajar dan Yakin
Tuesday, on 9st August 2016 I am very happy. Because of I will study course english language in Pare. In there I study during one month. Actually just one month is not enough. But I must be exploit of the time as goog as possible. In there more program but I just take six programs.
This program can help me in expediting and understanding english language. It is case agree with my major. It is before l am very wait for this program soon while the time. I am consious for arriving to join the program. It night I can not sleep. And l have prepare the program since old. I leave to go to campus at 07.00 o’clock.
Actually it there have more people. The bus have ready to acompany me for demand of knowledge. It is before l leave founding from Mr. Rektor. He said that,” you must be able bocome to master english and you must be write essay with english language right”. I become challenging can be fluentto speak english.
I have the purpose to be able become to master english. Because of my dream since senior high school. I want to become ambassador of Indonesia. I hope, I can be proud my family and especially our beloved country. I want an society of Indonesia can feel happines from Subang Island until Merauke Island. Those is my dream. And I think I must be able become master english.
In Pare I stay in camp. The name is Alaska Camp. It is Mr. Toto your. In camp there is program morning at 05.00 a.m until 06.00 a.m. and program evening at 18.30 p.m until 20.00 p.m. everyday we have to use speak english. If we were not speak english. We will get punishment as big as five hundret every one word. I stay in there during one month. I have waste thirty thousand. It is every program we were forced to speak english.
Althought we can not but we have to stand up and speak english without teks, so that we can be fluent to speak english and become habitual us. It is very support our to fast speak english. Actually english language is easy and we must be habituate. Becouse of english language it is necessary refraction.
First program, I take pre-speaking, vocabulary two, and pronunciation two. The all teacher is very kind and funny. The second program I also take three material. It is grammar two, grammar for writing, and than reading. All the program make me more understand about english language. And I am more confidence my self. I teached about how is manner write english language right. In there I get more kowledge.
Thank you Pare. It feel I want to comeback to pare until I become to master english. #Story learning in English Village PARE. Now english language is very important for future. Especially we confrot free commerce. So we have to become master english to easy communication with the other people. Becouse of language is first matter to the word. I hope my dream will come true.
Master English
Story learning in English Village PARE. Pare Academic Environment
Eliana Nur Azizah